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Pain Rehab Program decision

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I am not shutting out what you have said about pain relief and the Mayo Clinic. Sounds like an excellent program if you can do it. I have a question that some one may be able to help me with. It is away from the original topic, but does fit into pin relief. First, I am 73 years young, as I like to say. I have pain due to fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back pain. I have been taking percocet 7.5 for 5 years. This is prescribed by my pain management doctor. I was referred by my primary care physician. I also take 0.5 klonopin at night, 50 mil Elavil at night for fibromyalgia pain and sleep issues. In the morning I take 37.5 Effexor for depression. I have a medical marijuana card and use 1/2 dropper mid morning 15-1 (very low THC). Okay. Question. I fall asleep easily at night but then wake 2-3 times and by 5-6 I am so anxious body feels like it is burning from the inside so depressed I feel like I can't do this. I have tto leave a nice warm bed because I feel like my body is on the verge of exploding. I get up, shower, have a piece of toast and start feeling somewhat normal. I take a 1/2 of percocet because I am in pain, have a cup of coffee, get on the computer, and feel ok. I lost my husband 1 year ago and have many emotions which gets me more depressed and anxious. So, what's the question, right. Do you think that I am going through withdrawal from the percocet.? I take 3 pill a day and none after 6 pm because I take the 0.5 klonopin later and know benjo and opiods do not go together. The doctor didn't THINK so but I am concerned fearing I am that dependent.

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Hello @summertime4 what a fantastic question. I’m not a doctor by any means and can only speak from a tremendous related to my own experience. Before attending Mayo Clinic treatment program my local pain treatment center gave me a lot of treatments. For 1 entire year I did everything they could think of, medication heavy horrible medications some of the drugs you can no longer get today. 12 to 22 nerve block injections every single week for the entire year!!! The sites included 5 to my skull, the remainder to my neck, my back, my sternum. I attended some amazing Physical therapy programs, Aqua therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, kriotherapy, psychologist, they even molded a cast to try and keep my breasts from moving (that was crazy funny looking back). We tried everything but the sternum would swell so bad and have severe physical changes but nothing worked. I could no longer sleep, no longer lay in a bed, no longer work, no longer be functioning member of society. At the end I asked my pain doctor here in Illinois if I could take a brake because I could no longer describe the pain as sharp, dull, shooting because they hurt so bad from injection the same sites over and over and over again. He told me it was my negative attitude which was making them not work!!! ☹️It got so bad at the end that I contemplated suicide. So I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.
Today I own and operate my own company, I and pain medication free. But I am only able to do that because I use the skills I was taught every single day of my life. I would not be here without the skills Mayo Clinic taught me.
So your question are you going through withdrawal? Only you can answer that. We can’t feel your pain. Anxiety is a terrible disease that messes with our body both emotionally and physically and can cause all the same symptoms as withdrawal and depression. Mayo treatment center will teach you techniques to help you identify it and treat it. You are the only one who can discern the feelings. We are merely outsides guessing at what you are feeling.

Hope this helps.

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