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Terrible headaches with COPD

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Had the blood gas test – ABG – not painful and was negative…no build-up of CO2. Went to pulmonary doc 2 weeks ago – no help at all – really just sat there and listened – only made suggestions AFTER I made the suggestion. I do not like him but his office is the only pulmonary doctors in my area – next closest is 65 miles away. He ordered a sleep study which I will have on May 2, 2019. Headaches are the same – have not gone away – still very painful all day long. He did not prescribe anything to help this…nothing at all. I actually believe he is useless to a large degree. It's really discouraging.

Also had overnight oximetry test – he said it showed that I have reduced oxygen level for a little over one hour during the night…so, he ordered the sleep study. I just don't believe that this will answer my headache problem.

Does anyone know how to rid yourself of mucus? When I get up in the morning the mucus has pooled in my lungs and throat. Of course I try to cough this up…in doing so my headache pain increases 20 fold. Any suggestions – cause I don't think my doctor cares whether or not my headaches get help or whether or not I get help for my COPD.

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@postalrick– Good morning. I'm sorry that you have had a bad time with your pulmonologist. Please reconsider looking for one outside of your area. It will be worth it! Mine recently retired. Now I have to drive to another county but it's worth it to me. Your headache will definitely get worse when you cough, esp if you are forcing it to get your phlegm up. Have you spoken to your PCP about your headaches?
This group has many many suggestions and ideas on how to clear your lungs. You should look through the different discussions

I hope that you have stopped smoking by now. If you haven't quit than any suggestions might be like swimming against the tide. When I smoked I had headaches when I coughed and they were pretty bad too. My cough disappeared when I quit. Please consider it if you haven't already.

Here is a whole list of you tube video on how to clear your lungs. I hope they work for you

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