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Terrible headaches with COPD

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@postalrick – Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm glad that you found us. It sounds like your are having a pretty uncomfortable time. First off I want to warn you that lortab can cause headaches and is very addicting. Please be very careful. Have you been to a neurologist for migraines? There are a lot of great new drugs available that can control them very well. Often times hard coughing, as you describe can cause pain in your head. When I had migraines I started to get them daily and it turned out that a medicine that I was taking everyday with my migraine med was causing them.
I'm not a doctor so I can't diagnose what is causing your headaches. Oxygen levels can be one of thousands of things that can cause them.
Would you share more information about your COPD and other health issues? Now I get to scold you. Cigarettes can cause headaches. I smoked for 35 years and they gave me headaches. You need to quit. ASAP. You already have COPD. Do you have emphysema also?

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Thanks Merry. I do not have emphysema – I have chronic bronchitis. Yes, I am trying very hard to stop smoking…I am well on my way – went from 2.5 packs per day down to 10 cigarettes per day…will completely stop soon. Had a brain scan about the headaches…everything was fine as well as my sinuses. I want to see the pulmonary doctor BEFORE the neurologist because I really think my problem may be too much CO2. My family doctor told me that the test for blood gases (CO and CO2) is painful…any experience with this? I thought just a regular blood test would do, but he says no. Never got a headache from smoking…actually, right the opposite. I cough so very often that my migraine almost never goes away. I only take lortab when my grandson (5 years old) is spending the night – I do this so I can play with him without such a bad headache. I may take 2-3 lortabs per month – not very much. Thank you.

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