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Hi Deb,
I feel under bad your suffering. Kansas is a bit far from my home base of California. I didn’t think you were from California though. You can’t hardly throw a rock without it landing in a populated area.
The mri didn’t show any inflammation or arthritis I guess. Do you have pain in other areas? Did the pain start after an accident or other trauma? If you were told you have bone on bone you must have had an X-ray or other imaging test that shows it. Have they mentioned a hip replacement?

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I really dont know what the MRI showed. they just called same day and said normal wear and tear. Ive had xrays at chiropractor. he just tells me that its getting worse. As for pain, my whole body hurts. I have so many other issues too that i dont know where to begin with drs. I dont know if the back issues are from degerative or ftom the constant beatings i took from an ex. some were pretty painful. For years my chiro has told me my lympnodes are swollen. I have gone from 138 to now 230 pounds from inactivity. Anything I do makes me hurt. No doctor yet has tod me ro do anything

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