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What is going on with me?!?!

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Hello my name is Jason,I'm been having head pain for a month now and it's like I can't remove my thought from the head pain and sometimes I would feel like the pain is cutting through my head and I'm going to die.and it get me worried.im not been able to stop thinking about this.cant get my thought off it even when I try hard

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@jason223– Hello and welcome to Mayo Connect. What a bad month you've had, I'm so sorry. First off panic attacks or anxiety attacks do not usually kill anyone, so you can hopefully put that idea to rest. Have you been tested for OCD? This is a medicine that also addresses this but it may take more adjustments as far as dosage goes. Have you talked to your doctor about your headaches? If not I suggest that you do. Also if you have questions about this drug a good resource is your pharmacist. Meanwhile here is some help.
Anxiety can cause headaches all by themselves. If I'm anxious about something I get the worst tension headache. It isn't comfortable and that's what I think about too, all day long too. I'm sure that you are anxious about the headaches. There a few things worse than a headache and it's also normal not to be able to think of much else. What tests have you had done such as head CT scans or an MRI?? Are you in therapy for OCD? If you have OCD than your obsessiveness will tend to accentuate this.

Hang in there. You do need to speak with your doctor though. Let me know if your headaches have changed in any way since you've been on the new medicine.

@jason223 Hi Jason I wanted to ask you do you have tinnitus? have you lost your balance? dizziness? if so you may want to see a ENT this is my problem and I have had head pain and pressure in head .

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