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Are we meant to be happy?!

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@aliali; @lisalucier– I'll give this a shot. For one I haven't experienced panic attacks in many years so my insights may or may not be helpful. For me these emotions such as sadness, happiness, joy, etc. are all normal emotions that we feel nearly every day. When I was experiencing panic attacks they usually happened in the midst of doing certain things we all do on a nearly everyday. My 1st one was driving over a very tall & narrow bridge and I panicked and wondered literally if I would make it to the other side. I could go on & on with other stories of attacks, but the theme here is that all these phobias were adding up and before long I felt that just going out I was opening myself up for the next one. I can't give you a reason why this was happening. Things were Ok with work, wife & family?
After finally reaching out to a Psychiatrist I was perscribed 1.0 mg. of Klonopin. Within weeks that fear dissipated and I began to take back my life in small strides. I can do everything I once could not because the panic associated.
Just when a "black cloud" is lifted for whatever reason that I was dwelling on, I sort it out, gave it to God and often Joy pours in. We are complicated beings and are always experiencing a whole host of emotions. Look for things each day that can bring joy into your life. Whether it be friends, family, taking walks, mentoring a younger person. If we fill up the Joy box with lots of small pebbles we'll have lots of joy stored up when somehow a rock falls in our path! Jim @thankful

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I think as human beings it is basic that we are programmed to be happy. Think of young children. They do not know fear. Fear is a learned response. I think that happiness is an innate sense and we are taught or learn that happiness cannot be an actual emotion to have a lot of the time. There are different levels of happiness and there are different types of happiness, just remember that. What makes one person happy does not make another person happy. Just my humble opinion….