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Guess what! I went for it. We walked for about 15 mins or so and then I came in and did some yoga. I am going to try this every day and maybe I will see improvement, why did I say "maybe" think positive and that's what I plan on doing. Hope you are feeling somewhat better. One thing I have learned our Lord will help but he expects you to get "on board too". Thanks for caring God Bless Patti

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@brit I’m so happy that you walked!! And being outside is medicine all by itself! At least you live in Florida, I live in Colorado and some days have to force myself to get out. But it’s gotten to be sick a habit, that go every day except when it’s icy. Do you have a smart phone? Mine came with an app that keeps track of how much I walk each day. Just keep it in my pocket. Makes a difference knowing you’ve achieved something! Keep up the good work , or should I say, good walk!

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