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Jumbled feelings

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Feb 2, 2019 | Replies (21)

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@lioness– thank you. I know that you work hard to keep these beasties at bay. What are the feelings that comprise them? I want to break them down into different, separate feelings so they aren't clumped together under the name, depression.

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You are making a good point, @merpreb. These feelings are usually comprised of memories of the past (with some trigger in the present as you mentioned when your husband calls your name), or a specific holiday, or a certain piece of music that might trigger an uncomfortable feeling.

It does take time to "sort out the jumble" of feelings. I like what @lioness said about sitting down and writing how she is feeling at the time. Writing is a great tool to sort out confusing and uncomfortable feelings. I've used it a lot myself.

Any other thoughts?

My anxiety problems stem from family issues ,did I do the right thing it hunts me at times and Brings on my anxiety when this occurs I talk to myself to calm myself and do Tapping which helps me a lot ,even confronting the family member about this still doesn't help so it's something I have to control and Tapping does this for me.