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If you don't mind my asking, how do you feel about the whole TKR procedure now that you are 15 months post surgery? Was it worth it?

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I have thought about that one often. When I had my knee done, it was done as semi urgent as I had some bad tears which were not reparable due to bone loss. So I didn’t have a lot of choice. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the result. I expected no pain, maybe some odd sensations, and definitely improved mobility. I do now have discomfort and sometimes pain if I overextend myself., such as too much on bike or lot of in and out of car. Sitting long periods is not good. I do my exercises, and still have trouble getting up from chair and toilet. My other knee is bad, so that muddy s the waters. If I look back I guess the big positive is being able to walk and move without crippling pain.i don’t use a cane any more, I can drive, and I can exercise in pool. I keep those positives in my head. I am going to wait as long as I can for my other knee, and pray I get better result. I have friends with great outcomes, so I know it can be done with the right doctor and therapy.

@jud My second TKR was in October, 2017 and I am extremely happy that I had it done. I wasn't in terrible pain before I had it done so many people thought I was crazy to go ahead. My pain had been worse but I had exercised to strengthen the supporting muscles, which is why my pain level decreased. Even so, I tired if I walked long distances. After having the TKR I could walk very long distances. Sure, I can feel some minor discomfort but minor enough that I simply ignore it.
If you get a great surgeon then you you are much more apt to have a successful TKR. I think MAKO surgery or getting a custom made knee helps a lot too. I have the Conformis knee.

I had my procedure in March and it was the best decision I ever made because I couldn’t stand and walk. The pain was unbearable. It is almost a year and I am experiencing no pain but just discomfort from the tight band. When I exercise too much I get a pain on the inside of the knee. I am able to walk a couple of laps in the mall. Still have difficulty getting out of a car due to knee flexion. I still get odd sensations and some clicking occasionally. I do exercises at the Y and have a home therapy program. My main complaint is that they do not prepare you mentally for the procedure and the first 6 months are awful. But on the flip side, if they did reveal expectations, no one would get it done! The key to successful surgery is a good doctor, mako robotic arm, and a good therapist. But I would not be in a hurry to do the other knee.

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