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Hi, @maryb1996. I'd like to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect along with @jenniferhunter, who has offered lots of useful input. I'd also like you to meet @johnbishop @IndianaScott @mamacita @justint95 @kyoto, who may have some thoughts on the memory and processing problems you are experiencing as a 23-year-old.

Sounds like you are now trying to figure out a way to be seen sooner than the options you were given previously. Are you having any luck trying to get in earlier to see a neurologist or a GP?

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Hello, and thank you! I am going to see a GP before Friday and consult with him, perhaps he can order tests or scans if necessary, until I can meet up with a neurologist if this is also deemed necessary by the GP. There is one symptom I completely forgot to mention: I suddenly have problems with speech that do not occur as often. While speaking ordinarily (not under any sort of pressure or stress), I may confuse syllables while speaking, result being I say slurred and meaningless words. While I actively focus on trying to correct my words after having mixed up the syllables the first time, the words still come out wrong, with another completely meaningless combination or order of syllables. I however neglected/forgot about mentioning this in my previous post because it happens less often, yet it is also becoming slowly more frequent. Thank you @lisalucier, and thank you in advance @johnbishop @IndianaScott @mamacita @justint95 @kyoto @jenniferhunter