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Hi @rogue_doctor, Your question: "is it possible for the left ventricle to cause a RBBB and not the right ventricle?" appears to remain unanswered by the experts according to your research. Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community of patients, sharing support, experiences and information. It will be interesting to see if anyone has anecdotal evidence of the left ventricle causing RBBB to support your hypothesis. Do you have right bundle branch block (RBBB)?

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sorry for the late reply…. No I do not have right bundle branch block…. But my father does… After several years of research I have came to the awareness that a lot of research papers that are published contradict one another…from pubmed to medline to medpage and many more…will tend to have published research data that will contradict someone else's data… So one of the best way to conduct research is talk to the people who actually face it and have to deal with these type of conditions….my own father condition has many unknown variables…. With no known cause…. Unfortunately I'm smart enough to know there is always a cause am I stem cell research has confirmed this…one of the biggest reasons why 60% of dilated cardiomyopathy is undiagnosed is because the heart had nothing to do with it… so, if the heart had nothing to do with it? than what did? what is the pathological process that took place… I'm determined to find out…

It was nice to meet you , I hope that we will have many little talks in the future…