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ABI, Cough Syncope and Seizures

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Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, @pamclark. Sounds like a very distressing situation with Michael.

I'd like to introduce you to @jakedduck1 @johnbishop @dawn_giacabazi @jenniferhunter, who may have some thoughts on his experiences.

Has he seen a neurologist in your search for help for him? More immediately, though, if he is passing out, have you considered taking him to the ER?

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Hello, Everyone.
We moved to a new province after his neurologist erroneously cleared him. The deficits were unknown at first. He was only diagnosed with brain damage when he finally admitted that he could not read anymore, six whole years after the incident. I have been trying to find a new neurologist here for him, but am having trouble negotiating the health care system.
I have taken him to the ER, after his last thunderclap migraine in 2017. They sent him home without doing the necessary tests. I have zero faith in that hospital.
I have been attempting to get the fits and syncope on video, and no one is listening until I do.
He has been seen by a respirologist and now a gastroenterologist. They are trying to see if silent reflux is affecting him, even though he doesn't have apparent heartburn. The cardiologist is next up at bat. I am going to go to the brain injury section of the hospital and raise hell because I can't get a neurologist to get a second opinion. The neurologist he has seen here, I swear to God, is badly in need of retirement. I have had a full neurology exam myself and the octogenarian seems utterly lost when Michael passes that "touch your nose" test and doesn't suggest any help no matter how seriously we describe the syncopal episodes.

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