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PICS.. Six E.R.s in one year.

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Hello @rubbob1, I am truly sorry to hear about your health struggles. I can't imagine how difficult it is to have to deal with what you have been going through. I have a friend that was diagnosed years ago with diverticulitis and I know how he struggled. He did have to change his eating habits dramatically. Have your doctors given you any diet related suggestions?

I see that @ethanmcconkey gave you a link with details of foods to avoid as you live with diverticulitis in your Digestive Health discussion:

Mayo Clinic has some information on a diverticulitis diet in their Healthy Lifestyle pages here:

You also mentioned having a lot of stress. I imagine that does not help you and makes things worse. When I get stressed I try to get my mind to thinking about other things. One of the best resources I've found for "relaxing" my mind is a website with a lot of short videos to help you focus on positive thoughts and thinking.
You mentioned that you are looking for Post Intensive Care Syndromes Treatment near you. You may be interested in the following Mayo Clinic Newsfeed Page where you will find many PICS treatment and support related articles.

Pages > Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) > Newsfeed

Have you asked your VA doctor if they know of any PICS support groups in the area?

Hoping you find some answers that help soon…

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Mind races uncontrollable 24 hrs. Very negative scary thoughts, if you know what I mean..E.R.s treats you for comfort and puts you on the street. "Go see your provider"…? Dr. gave me a lite tranquilizer, mentioned my age, 86, shrugged and released me. Useles s! No diet recommended. Just go back to usual one. At ropes end…Tying a knot and hanging on! One night at a time.. Dr.s are controlled buy Government. rulings. If I go back to E.R…go see your Medical Provider?? Who ever that may be. Mine does not recommend anyone! None do…I have to decide who to go to and I'm not that educated in that direction.. My nights are terrible….NIGHTMARES!!