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Pain in chest for months

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I spoke to my doctor on the phone last week on ruesday. She prescribed me prednisone, a steroid. I thought that for 5 days and was starting to feel like myself a little bit and the pain started to become minimal but still slightly there. Just recently 2 days ago in fact. I started getting swelling in my tonsils again, most likely strep. And today at work I began having tense pressure in my chest. We have had bitter cold temps here in iowa. School has been cancelled for the past 3 days because of -20 temperatures. Anyway today the cold settled in and started a flare again on my body. If I moved my shoulders back or put my arms up the center of my back tightened and reached around to the front of my chest, like someone took a giant pair of pliers to my entire chest cavity. I took my blood pressure before leaving work and that was 130/100 with pulse of 125. You could say I was anything but calm. I left work and went to the er again because my doctor and office didn't have any appointments available. I had the doctor look me over, felt and listened to chest and back, pressed on stomach, then a new one checked my feet and ankles for swelling. They also did another chest xray and this time I asked to see it. They said there was nothing out of the ordinary. So I asked more about this pliercy theory and why it hasn't subsided and gone away after everything we have tried. Explanation was with this cold nothing is going away. The immune system is weak, so I'm thinking I need to take like a week off and just sleep sleep sleep. Doctor did try to be funny and said I should move to somewhere warmer, I told him if he bought the ticket I would go. Lol. The doctor did a good job or reassuring me that I should be okay. Just gotta be patient, stay inside in the warmth as much as possible, and doctors orders to quit smoking. I swear the anixety of all of this is the worst. I should seriously go see a shrink. But gonna try nicotine patches and try to quit these damn things yet again. I posted the picture of my xray for anyone that may be interested. If we got doctors out there, what do you think? Does it look normal? Thanks again everyone that has put their two sense into this post.

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Thanks for the update @chlcrene1993. I'm really glad that your doctor was able to help calm the anxiety and give you some assurance. We are a sleep-deprived nation(s). If you can get caught up on sleep, it can only help.

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but it can be made somewhat easier if you have peer support. We have quite a few ex-smokers on Connect who would be more than glad to be a quit partner. You may also be interested in joining the BecomeAnEX program and community here: https://www.becomeanex.org/ (It's a Mayo Clinic collaboration.)

I think you recently were able to quit for more than 30 hours. Ready to do it again?

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