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Pain in chest for months

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Good morning @chlcrene1993– I'd like to ask you a few questions concerning your medial care, it you don't mind. What kind of doctor are you seeing for this? Are you able to cough up any mucus? Did the tests that you had in the ER show that you have liquid in your lungs or are they dry? You could ask your doctor for some additional pain relief but be careful, some pain medications can suppress breathing, which is the opposite of what you want. If you have scar tissue that could also be the cause of some of you breathing problems. I had pleurisy as a smoker years ago. There doesn't seem to be a direct cause relationship between smokers and pleurisy but smoking can exacerbate it.
Here's some information for you: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/158813.php

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Thank you for your concern. I am seeing a M.D. at mercy residency. I have been seeing her since October 2018. When I cough. I wouldn't say it's full on mucus, more like phlegm. My nose has been dry and stuffy, so most of the time I'm sucking that through my throat and spitting it out. When the er took the xray the first time with bronchitis they told me there were clear. Then when I went in with continued pain a few weeks later, they did another xray and said that was clear. I asked questions to the nurse if they were able to detect lung cancer with those images and she said that would be something the doctor would notice, so amusing they didn't tell me anything. I don't think that is a threat at the moment. I don't understand why these doctors aren't very thorough and I wish they would show the xrays to give me some piece of mind. My doctor prescribed me a genetic brand of flexerol and I only take that before bed when the pain is stronger than normal. I find my body being tired a lot more often and easier. When the pain becomes really strong is generally when I know I need to call it quits for the day and go to sleep. I appreciate your and any answers you can give. I feel like this disease is just spreading through my entire body, is that normal?

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