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Starting Venlafaxine

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 9, 2019 | Replies (6)

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@phxlife– A warm welcome to Mayo Connect. Thank you for correcting this- it's a typo! Thank you for your information. You can look back over the conversations related to this and other's experiences. You are very fortunate to have been on Effexor for a long time without any side effects. I don't take no for an answer at the doctor's office either. I did wean off of it without any problems. But I soon had to be put on Zoloft and then Wellbutrin.
I know that you are new but can you tell us a little about yourself?

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Sure. I have had depression and anxiety since 1990. Many many years ago, a doctor I was seeing, in the city we lived at at the time, told me that depression and anxiety are so common these days that they might as well add the medicine to drinking fountains! Don’t worry, she was joking and a highly respected doctor.

I think what I’ve most learned over the many years of having these things, is just the extent to which people suffer, and how differently it can and does manifest itself in the individual person. I have gotten a lot of knowledge and comfort through a well known, well respected, and well-read blogger by the name of Therese Borchard. She has resistant mental health issues, and in many recent years has had access to highly successful experts in the area of mental illness. She knows her stuff!

I am open about my depression and anxiety when, and with whom, I can trust with it. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do with it. Times are changing, but there are still so many people that don’t understand.

Personally, I wish they could call it “brain health” vs. “mental health.”