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Multiple autoimmune diseases

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After reading these articles over and again (Multiple Autoimmune factors) it has come to my conclusion that stress from an early age and mostly in a constant state (for a very, very long time) is hugely important. I can go into much detail but it is still important to know that I am a layman and not a professional. It appears to be that there has been little investigation into this particular category. Most people afflicted with these autoimmune health issues are embarased to reveal same as it is so very intimate and revealng. And many other factors included, on and on. This is a very interesting and revealing part of the autoimmune factors that I have not thought they to be a part of. Good information for thought. Thank you for this. Peach

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Just to set the record straight: I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Hypotyroidism. So, at least three. And what about Pancytopenia? On and on with others, Diabetic, and seven more medical problems. Quite confusing. Trying to stay alive is three jobs in one. (Right now I am talking to the Shingles rash walking around on my skin}. Still trying to find a sympathetic doctor who cares seems to go nowhere. But taking care of the dog and cat is an enjoyment. Caring for them helps to take my mind off my problems. Living in another world.