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Multiple autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Nov 23, 2021 | Replies (76)

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I am dealing with multiple autoimmune conditions and have several autoimmune situations in my family. I was just wondering if anyone else has been dealing with the same or was interested in any details

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@kidsmomof9 I have a few autoimmune-related conditions. It has made me a warrior as I navigate this journey! Mine include systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, a rare kidney disease, multiple myeloma, osteoarthritis.

Would you care to share your autoimmune conditions!

Hi, @kidsmomof9 I also have a few AI conditions. RyR2 (heart wall dystrophy), FKTN (Fukuyama limb girdle muscular dystrophy) both proven, and Gelsolin,(Finnish Amyloidosis, hereditary, systemic, not TTR) not formally proven yet, but the presence of FKTN and RyR2 make it an open and shut case. It's an awful thing to wish on anybody. The lengthy list of symptoms and signs keep me running to hospitals and doctors, although most of them are really not life threatening. But everything hurts, and now I have shingles on top of everything. I have a list of about 200 proven signs and symptoms all the way from Cerebrum Gray Matter invasion with Transmissible Encephalitis, to Purpura covered brittle toenails. Every internal organ is swollen.from brain to bowel. The combination I have is shared by about 1 of 2,000,000 persons, I am told.

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@gingerw @oldkarl and @kidsmomof9, you might find this article from Johns Hopkins as interesting as I did.
– Disease Development: How do autoimmune diseases unfold? https://pathology.jhu.edu/autoimmune/development

It states that "Three factors are at play in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases: genes, immune system, and the environment where the patient lives."
"Autoimmune diseases tend to occur in the same family (the so-called "familial aggregation)".

KidsMomof9 (do you have 9 kids?) Let me know if you'd like to find other discussions to connect with members who have the same conditions as you.

Hi @kidsmomof9, There is another related discussion which you may be interested in reading through the posts here:

Multiple family members with autoimmune diseases….is there a link?

Love your member username! Do you really have 9 kids? I'll bet it's fun getting together at the dinner table 🙂 I found out last year that one of my cousins who I haven't talked with in a long time also has 2 health conditions I have – polymyalgia rheumatica and small fiber peripheral neuropathy. Do members of your family share the same or similar conditions?