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I see a pulmonologist at Mayo in Rochester, MN. I had a CT scan prior to the sputum test and that’s why he ordered the tests. I do cough up sputum (it is usually clear, murky, or slightly blood stroked, but not yellow or green) after respiratory therapy. Information is limited on the internet but here’s what my doctor told me: 2 of the 3 cultures showed mycobacterial current-gordornia polyisoprenivorans, which he called and does not cause disease unless there is an immunodeficiency (which I do not have)……..I am stable as far as no illness is concerned and I am due to see him again in 6 months. I do experience ongoing fatigue and some chest pain (this is minimal). What do you think?

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migizii – I am not a doctor, but live my life surrounded by medical professionals, and I know there are MANY infections which are not treated unless you are immuno-compromised. The folks at Mayo are among the best in the field, my brother sees them, and trusts them implicitly. If you feel like you are getting good care, go with it! Also, the purpose of the respiratory therapy is to bring up the mucus, so sounds like it's working. Just be sure the doc explains when you should be in contact if your condition changes. For example, in September, my doc said he would see me in April, but just recently his nurse said he wants to see me in February instead.

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