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Hi Carol. I'm sorry to hear that your husband (and you) are on this journey as well. Now that my son has finally agreed to a second opinion, I'm curious how to seek the best (most experienced) doctor for this particular type of tumor. I thought Optune was only for glioblastoma? (I don't know much about it at all.). I was attempting to send you my email address but the server wouldn't let me, saying that since I am a newly registered member, I'm not allowed to. Can you send me yours? (I don't yet know how to send private messages.)

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Hello @carol55 and @aworriedmom. I can help provide tips on how to send personal messages if you wish to exchange personal details, but we do encourage you to share your experiences with everyone because your experiences may be helpful to other members. The information you share may encourage others to seek additional opinions or give them additional questions to ask their providers when they seek more help. Here is how you can send private messages, although as @aworriedmom pointed out, some features are not available when first joining Connect as this is a way to protect members from getting spam messages from solicitors. This function will be available to you after a few days, or a few more posts:

Here's how to send private message.
1. Click the member's @username.
2. Click the envelope icon in their profile.
3. Write a subject and your message.
4. Click Send Message.