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Hello @oceantroll, welcome to Connect. I would like to invite @travelgirl to this discussion as she has talked about being on the wait & watch approach with CLL, but specifically about dealing with fatigue as an active person. Being diagnosed with two different diseases that both cause fatigue must be difficult. I see that you also found a chronic epstein barr virus discussion, but here is another one you may find interesting as well, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/treatment-for-chronic-epstein-barr/.

@oceantroll, while we wait for other members to join in, would you mind sharing what things you have tried to do to combat your fatigue?

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Sleep – as a result, I have gained 30 lbs which is why I am desperate to find help. I have also really scaled back on my own expectations of what I will achieve so I don't drive myself crazy. As a result – my work as a consultant to nonprofits is moving more towards grant writing. So I write when I feel "well" and do self-care when I don't. Too afraid to go back to 9-5 as I don't think my body can take it.

I also find that I am taking ibuprofen every day to address chronic to acute body aches – it feels like every day I have the flu. Sometimes it's so bad my brain kind of hazes out until I take more pain made – then the brain refocuses and I can get back to trying to do some work.

Thanks for the suggestions. I hope others will chime in soon including @travelgirl .

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