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Well i had it-on Jan 23….it works, i would recomend to anyone wanting it to try it…go for it. I was very nervous when traveling to get it that i actually had a panic attack….seen in ER, eval and dischgd. Many good things came of the injection… the best response was the decrease in stroke caused “head fog”which came about, which gave me an increase in my overall happiness, returned hearing to left ear- felt a pop like when getting off a plane then my ear sounds opened up… i didnt even know i had a deficit in this ear until this happened. Walking is smoother. Can shower more steadily due to better balance. Cindy

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Just want to know if you stroke is a ischemic type and the clot was removed before you had you perispinal injection. My clot wasn't removed. I'm hoping that I would qualify.

Happy for you Cindy. Hope it works for me too. Looking forward for an update from you. They say that it keeps on improving overtime.