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Hi there …. thank so much for responding. I'm not sure what kind if implement he has in my right knee, but it is written on the card I have stating I've had a knee repalcement ….. in case I ever have to go through a magnetizer … i.e. airports. Whatever he used, it's working, and I'm so glad.

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Hi there…..I am another TKR gal. My friends held an intervention because my obvious pain was worrying them and also ruining our daily walks. And they were great participants in my recovery. Someone showed up every morning to take me to the grocery store where I walked the aisles. Saw lots of things I didn’t know existed. I only make guest appearances at markets. I am not a cook at all. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that the card no longer gets you through security. They were being forged. So, just let the TSA agent know you want to go through the big picture machine. It is harmless. They then ask a female colleague to come and wand anything that shows up in orange on the screen. Easy. No hassle. Happy New Year!

@amberpep I was given a card also but no one has ever asked for it, my knees must not be magnetic or something. Oddly though, every time I go through airport security something shows up on my shoulders and chest and my upper thighs! I get pulled over and patted down every time and did also when we went on the ferry to Ellis Island in the fall. It's a nuisance.