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Hi Abby @amberpep – I'm kind of in your same situation. I had my RTKR in 2017. Thankfully, all went well. But now I need a left TKR – scheduled for the end of January. When you say your left knee is acting up, can you tell more? Pain? Giving way on you? Also, sounds like your doctor is in Maryland but you are south of there. Is it going to be a logistical challenge to get there? Wishing you the best!

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Hi Debbra …. By my left knee acting up, I mean when I get up in the AM … OUCH. If the weather is bad …. BIG OUCH! And yes, there are times it gives out and I fall (not good). Yes, I live in Staunton, VA now and my doctor is in MD (3 hrs. away), but somehow I think it's worth it ….
for his skill, the wonderful rehab facility I was in, and just comfort level for me. It's familiarity with their system. I don't think one of my daughters would mind taking me and picking me up to come home. They wouldn't need to come back for 2 weeks, so that's not too bad …. maybe I'm assuming a lot since I haven't asked them ….. just from previous experience with them.