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Leonard (@jakedduck1)

How about a laugh, (hopefully)

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How about a few blond jokes? Make her brunette if you want or even bald


Q: Why can't a blonde dial 911?
A: She can't find the eleven.

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@jakedduck1 lol I needed that as Im watch parade and burnt cranberries 😤

Well. flight from Munich to to New York… stunning blonde walks up into first class after take off, takes a seat. Stewardess asks for seat ticket, tells the women she belongs in economy and must leave. OH no, she says. I’m beautiful, young, on my way to New York, and I surely belong in this seat. Cabin Steward tries to argue – Lady, you need to leave. Your tiicket does not entitle you to sit here. “But, don’t you see, I’m destined to be great once I get to New York, as georgious as I look!.” Consternation, but co-pilot happens to step out of the cokpit. Informed of the situaltion, he says: no problem. I speak blond. Whispers to the women, who smiles at him, and gets up and goes back to her assigned seat. Stunned, the stewardess asks what he did… “ I simply told her that today first class does not stop in New York.

That makes me laugh. Good one. Used to be a blond and had to put up with all of that. Now? My hair is the color of Sterling Silver, fashionable cut and I am fashion conscous…and I am 80! Never give in and never give up and I am doing down kicking and screaming. Ha!