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Colloidal Silver

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Feb 21 4:37pm | Replies (31)

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Hi @kristiemlove
I do use coliadial silver only by mouth though.
I think there is one person on the board that was inhaling it. Hopfully she can chime in.
I do think the silver is effective against Mac but I was always afraid of the unknown of it possibly accumulating silver ions in the lungs. Hopfully taking orally is effective enough.
I was diagnosed three years ago and testing positive for over a year. But am now testing negative for one 1 1/2 years. I am using saline the vest and many herbal products I learned about in the book "Herbal Antibiotics" by Stephen Buhner. I have not used antibiotics for Mac. I was diagnosed with the bad strain Mycobacteria Abcessus. I believe there are nature alternatives.
Hope this helps!

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@pfists Hi Shari! I remember when I first came across you on Mayo Connect years back. You having the Abscessus variety of MAC really worried me, especially since you chose not to use antibiotics to treat it. You have come a long ways in turning your health around, and I commend you for listening to your inner self and doing what was right for you. You are a shining example of self advocacy. I want to personally thank you as well as the others, who, despite testing negative these days; continue to contribute to this forum. That is so generous of your time. Sharing your experience with this is so valuable, and we need to hear that it is possible to recover. Again, many, many, thanks.

Thank you for sharing.

Can u help with the natural way pls what u use and what worked?

Hi Sheri. Thank you for your post, it gives me hope! I have Bronchiectasis and was just diagnosed with mycobacterium abscesses. After researching, it is very discouraging for cure and hope. I believe in natural therapies and Divine healing and am searching for help. Would you be willing to talk with me? Thank you bey much. Debbie