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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Feb 21 4:37pm | Replies (31)

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Thank you Ethan!

It was not a downturn, per se, rather a sudden onset. She went from a perfectly healthy woman who walks/jogs 4-6 miles/day 4/wk to completely reliant on prednisone and oxygen 24/7 in a matter of weeks after brief travel to Arizona (four-wheeling, helicopter). Preliminary diagnosis (after the bronchitis, pneumonia, valley fever, etc.) was Mac and Bronchiectasis, but have since learned the results were read at 3 weeks, not the full 6-8 weeks necessary. Apparently, the scope did not pull great tissue samples so they are going back in on Friday morning via VATS. We are, however, set up with UT Tyler and Dr. Griffith in a couple weeks.

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@kristiemlove Personally, I would wait if I were your mother on the vats surgery until after she has seen Dr. Griffith. I say this based on info you have given me in the personal email. It seems to me that she has not been in the best of hands (I could be wrong) but surgery is serious, and I would wait until after seeing that good specialist. Does Dr. Griffith know about this pending surgery and thinks it's a good idea?

I have been to several medical centers for my Mycobacterium avium complex. The last place was Tyler and Dr. Phillips, unfortunately, I do not have any knowledge about Dr. Griffin. Dr. Phillips was knowledgeable and very involved in their Myco Av Complex project. Because I have allergies to many medicines I was hoping that Ariycase (not spelled correctly) would be something I could take. Unfortunately, I had an allergy to that also, thus I am taking nothing. I also have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and cannot take any medicines for that either. The blessing in all this, I no longer have to go to all the doctors I did for about 10 years. I wish you the best.