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Hi Lisa ….. I've heard that any type of Cocker Spaniel is very stubborn and strong willed …. I can attest to that with my Cockalier. I had rescued a Cavie about 10 years ago from a rescue group who snatched them from puppy mills (Molly was 4 when I got her) and she was so timid and shy that she'd curl up in a little ball and just stare around., The Vet said he thought she'd had at least 4 litters of pups. Well, she became my "forever friend" and when I had to put her down, due to stage 5 heart problems, it took a long time to get over it. I really wanted another one but didn't have the money for one nor did I want to go through the heart situation again. Plus Molly's pancreas was totally non-functioning so she had to take pills for that her whole life. After about 6-8 monhs I still had not been able to get passed missing Molly and kept combing the internet for a rescue … even called the rescue group where I got her …. none there at that time.
So, last May my daughters said to me, "hey Mom, let's go for a ride." It was a nice day and I was ready for some fresh air. We drove, and drove, and drove – for 3 hours! I said, "what in the world are we doing, where are we going?" All they said was "you'll see." We pulled into a parking lot on the VA/TN line and sat there for several minutes. Next thing we knew a white SUV pulled up, a woman came out holding this tiny Cockalier all wrapped in a fleece blanket. My heart just melted. That little face ….. I can still see it (in bigger form of courrse!). Here my 3 kids had gone together and gotten me a Cockalier. One of them had researched them and breeders are trying to breed the heart problems out of the Cavies, thus they mate a Cavalier with a Cocker Spaniel and get the Cockalier.
And I should even think about Frederick anymore? I don't think so.
Re. the job ….. I have a neighbor who works at the local private psychiatric hospital and she said that each department is always looking for receptionists. So, I redid my resume', my daughter printed it out for me – 25 copies. I'll give her half to give to the dept. heads and I'll take some to our local hospital which is also set up with receptionists in each department.. Then I'll just have to see.

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How nice that you have a connection with a hospital! I hope something comes up for you soon.