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@lisalucier Thanks for your reply.

You asked what I've been doing to deal with the symptoms of pressure, pain and continued constipation. For now I've continued with my regular doses of Colace, senna and Miralax. The doctor also recommended I increase the Miralax to twice a day and add Phillips milk of magnesia as needed. As I've added these meds, the constipation has gotten better although surprisingly I've still had some pretty hard stools on and off. The feeling of pressure has continued and I haven't found anything to relieve that. I've tried heat and massage but no relief.

I have a history of chronic constipation for the last 3 years or so. We attribute it to my use of opioids for the last 17 years for chronic pain. My type 2 diabetes is well controlled with my last A1C at 5.4 so I doubt it's contributing to the problem. I also have Parkinson's symptoms that I manage with Sinamet, which was caused by another med which we have since discontinued. Obviously I'm no stranger to constipation but this new problem has thrown me for a loop. (Pun intended)

Talking to someone who has had a similar problem would hopefully alleviate some of my concerns so I hope someone will reach out to me. I would like to know if surgery was necessary or if they found another way of dealing with it.

Thanks for your responses to my posts!

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@konniehoover Im sorry Im not familiar with this but working in a nursing home when a patient had constipation we gave them a Cocktail of Prune juice and Milk of Mag worked always hope this may help