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I have just now been diagnosed and the doctor feels infusions of of Situximab is the treatment to work with. I will see him again next month as they called to say he wants to draw more blood and to talk to me. So I should know more then.

In 2016 I had a chest X-ray as part of a physical. Nodes and masses were found in both lungs and was advised to consider them malignant. After scans and a needle biopsie in the largest mass cancer was not found. I then had a nodule removed from the left lung and after about 9 weeks of pathology test, the diagnosis was Multifocal Pulonary Nodular Lymphid, Hyperplasia. The mass and nodules have stayed stable but my sed rate for inflammation has remained between 96-104 except when I was on prednisone for 4 months it dropped down to the 50's then. The normal range should be 0-20. Last year my test results were sent to the Mayo Clinic for further pathology and they were in agreement with the original diagnosis.
Because the inflammation has not changed, my pulmonologist has referred me to an hematologist for further testing. After many blood test, he said the test results were Classic Castleman's disease.
Throughout all of this I have been asymptomatic. I am 74 so I don't know if the tiredness I get is aging or disease! For the most part I am fine except for a lot of stiffness which usually goes away when I move about.
I did have an enlarged lymph node for a while but it seemed to have gotten smaller. The last cat scan does show a slight enlargement.

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I am glad that you connected with our organization the CDCN. We hate to see new patients diagnosed with this disease and I know how scary all the unknowns can be, but being apart of our organization and connecting with other patients, loved ones, volunteers, staff, doctors and researchers can be very helpful. I am happy to hear that you have remained asymptomatic and that your hematologist is taking steps to get you proper treatment. If you would like i could email you our patient toolkit and provide you with some useful resources.