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Post CABG Post traumatic stress disorder

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Hi @heartbreaker,

How are you doing? I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t alone (as @kariulrich mentioned). For many people who have had coronary artery bypass surgery, regaining their emotional and mental strength is tougher than healing physically. And patients don’t ever think that they will have such a reaction!
We still don’t know the exact cause, because there could be so many reasons – prolonged time under anesthesia, perhaps the anesthesia or the hypothermia during the operation alters chemicals in the brain, or just the fact that the operation makes you think of your mortality.
Fortunately, there is a lot of research that shows a majority of patients do recover within six months – it will get better.

I’m so glad to see that you’ve joined the ICU group on Connect, too; did you get an explanation from your surgeon about your concerns?

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The surgeon did not really seem concerned about my complaints. Said to come back in 2 months. There is a staple starting to come out of the sternum, which is painful, but he joked that I was too skinny. So I called back and they will order X-ras or CT scans. I hope it can be fixed easily. I have the blues but someone from hospice is helping me. (Added to ICU, my husband died 3 weeks ago.) So it has been a horrible year.

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