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Merry, Volunteer Mentor (@merpreb)

Lung Cancer and the holidays

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Hi Merry:
I am only an 11 year lung cancer survivor. So perhaps I feel half your thoughts about the subject at hand.
At my 5 year celebration of still being alive and beating the odds, I had the honor of being invited to Dr Amit Sood’s AIT Attention Interpertstion Therapy six month course. The same lessons learned when I was in the post AIT research study after I had lung cancer surgery. Both of which were life saving.
Both the surgery & study taught me how to deal with everything you say you are dealing with because of two books Stress Free Management and Happiness by Dr Amit Sood.
I enjoy telling people “lung cancer became my blessing, and you can find out how by reading this book HAPPINESS by Dr Amit Sood!”
…the people who read the book never ask me how am I feeling, and if they do I ask, “Have you the the book I gave you?”
I have given always almost 100 of these books! They are a great gift and an easy read, but most of all teach us all how to live!
Happy Holidays,

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@llwortman – hello. Thank you for your book recommendations. I will definitely look into them. I wish you happy holidays!

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