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I have arthritis on both shoulders. My ortho doctor recommended total shoulder replacement. But he said I am still young to have it (56yrs). Have steriods but it does not work. Am always in pain. Someone suggested stem cell. I need advice. Thanks.

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Hello @afbong, welcome to Connect. You bring up a lot of different topics in regards to your shoulder arthritis. I would like to invite some members who have discussed each to this discussion. @steeldove, @edithmiller, @farmgirl57, and @mimi99 have all discussed having some sort of shoulder replacement. Other members discussed seeking information for stem cell treatments for shoulder issues, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/stem-cell-therapy-for-rotator-cuff-tears/, although it is unclear if any members have attempted to get stem cells for shoulder issues.

@afbong, I had my right knee replaced when I was 19 due to end-stage arthritis, and even though I was extremely young, the alternatives were no mobility at all (knee joint was completely worn down to a square rather than rounded, so I was unable to walk more than a block) an severe pain. While age is important because of the complications that can arise later, I was told that quality of life has to be weighed as well. @afbong, would you mind sharing what your ortho doctor's concerns are for doing a replacement at your age?

I am 63, and am planning a shoulder replacement with a reversal in a couple months. This is due to arthritis and a rotator cuff surgery I had years ago that did not go well. My other shoulder is also causing me pain at this time, so my internal medicine doctor feels I will need surgery on that one in the future. It seems ostioarthritis is reeking havoc on my body. I am in pain constantly, and am tired of shots and replacements. I am afraid of the surgery,but I do trust my surgeon. Sometimes it just gets to be a lot. My main problem was crohns disease and the arthritis came along with it as a gift. This all started when I was about 16. How time flies.So far,I have had my right knee replaced, fingers on both hands repaired lots of surgery on my hands and wrists, A knuckle on my right. hand replaced. The pain is better in my hands now. I've hand surgery for a ruptured disc in my back. For years it was better, but now I have degenerative disc disease.Which means lots of shots in my back and neck, and hey I seem to have shrunk! Due to the crohn's, I have no large intestine,and am missing enough of my small intestine that I cannot absorb nutrients from food anymore,so, no eating. I am fed by a catheter that goes to my heart and veins, so by passes stomach.Should have ate more pizza and tacos when I could have. There is more, but I think I have vented enough. Anyhow, I really hope this shoulder surgery is a success. I have a 5 month old grandson I want to be able to play with and push on the swings! Life has been interesting, and I still hope to be here and continue to pursue it. Anyhow, I was interested you who were discussing stem cells? I have not heard of this,and I plan to ask my doctor about this. Any success with this? Thanks for listening.