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"Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia"

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@warpedtrekker I’ve had tachycardia for more than 20 years. My heart rate when I’m sleeping is 145.
When I was first tested doctors asked me numerous times if my heart raced just upon standing. They said if it did that was something different called POTS and it would require different treatment than my sinus node tachycardia. I don’t have POTS but it might be worthwhile for you to check that out.
I was told that there really is no good researched treatment for tachycardia. Couple of years ago I was put on Ivabradine which worked and controlled my heart rate. Unfortunately insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was prescribed for me “off label”. So, I was switched to Flecainide which is a med for people with afib. It works for my tachycardia but I had to be closely monitored for the first year with monthly ekg. Now I only get checked yearly.
Hopefully this gives you some thoughts for questions to ask your cardiologist. Best of luck to you. Here’s to a happy and healthier new year!

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I have sinus tachycardia all my life
It did go into 80s more so high 80s occasionally but since my late thirties stuck well above 100 at all times. I’m pretty symptomatic, but I’m now on Ivabradine and manage better on it otherwise I was totally non functional
I wonder why some people are symptomatic and some are not with this problem. My pulse is much slower during sleep although I do get tachycardia asleep too, just it also has slower rates than awake.
My unmedicated resting is around 100-130s

Forgot to add: my cardiologists are unhelpful in terms of saying it’s anxiery causing symptoms. They said ‘your body should get used to =adapted to sinus rhythm’. I never had that happen and it got steadily worse since I was around 14. I’ve has this problem much earlier, at least 7 year old, when it was first noticed to be racing. Does your cardio explain why disabling symptoms happen or do they claim you are having anxiety and mental illness somatic syndrome and the like?
I’m very tired of being dismissed and wonder which authority can I show to them to prove it’s a real illness which causes disability not my mind.