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I stayed at the hotel that you are booked in for 5 weeks after a liver transplant. It is 4 or 5 blocks south of the mayo complex depending on which building your appts. are scheduled in. Charlton is the farthest building from the hotel and will probably be the first stop on your itinerary for lab work. Shuttles run from the hotel all day long back & forth. The concierge staff at mayo will be more than happy to call the shuttle for you. As far as getting to other buildings there is a walkway sub street level connecting the buildings. If you do feel the need to venture outside I would recommend hat-scarf-warm shoes/boots-something like under armor or cuddle duds as a base layer. Today’s temp will peak out at 32 degrees with sunny skies. Believe it or not the southern states have gotten more snow than minn. has. There is a restaurant attached to the hotel called Twigs. There is food coop & deli 3 blocks east where we would buy our groceries & fresh bread and fresh soups. Bring a backpack or something similar for your schedule-water bottle-munchies-reading material-chargers-you get the drift-some of those waiting times for appts. Can drag on. I hope I was of some help.

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I appreciate you telling me the things that are near the hotel. I thought about Khaler Grand, but I wanted a kitchenette. Sounds like you liked staying at Centerstone. Yes, I have a backpack to carry water and food bars, also long underwear, a down jacket, hat, and Ugg boots I plan to spray waterproof stuff on.

I thought Kahler Grand sounded convenient, but I really wanted a refrigerator and cooking area. But I wonder if the convenience of being across the street from Mayo might be worth it. Cheapest room is now $116 plus tax, about the same as Centerstone extended suite. Any other opinions on either hotel??

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