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@windwalker No I'm in Canada. I had a open surgery and a lobe was removed. very painful recovery. I have problem with Breathing now! please invite others who had lung lobectomy to this discussion so I can hear about their experience. Would appreciate it. Thank you.

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@ethanmcconkey Hi Ethan. I am havimg trouble finding past members (recent) that have had a lung lobe lobectomy. Can you please find some for @amn17? Thank you!

@amn17 Hello. I looked back over some notes in my notebook and found these members who mentioned having lobectomies. Here you go: @dmarks, @ronaf, @tamela, @hydrang3a may be considering. I hope those that I have listed get back to you. You can also enter their @names and visit their postings. Out of the hundreds of patients that I have conversed with; I have found that less than 1% get a lobectomy. Surgery of any kind is serious, but especially with lungs. The only institution that I know of that does lobectomies on a regular basis is NJH. You can go to their site and read more about it. http://www.njh.org Several members have mentioned that the condition returned after having had the surgery. (Surgery should be a last resort option and always get a second opinion at least.)