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Mesothelial Tumor

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A warm welcome @islandmama. I'm glad that you found us. I am hoping that others with Mesothelioma tumors will join in this discussion. I am not that familiar with mesothelial tumors. I think that whenever there are problems with breathing it is a worth cause for immediate attention. Does your pulmonologist know of your present problems with breathing? It probably wouldn't hurt to giver her a call. It looks like your lesions are not cancerous which is a very good thing. What is your follow-up to your surgery? Are you undergoing any treatments?

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Thank you. So my surgery was done by a GI Oncologist since it was for my liver and was there he found the other tumor attached to my diaphragm on same side as liver, they assumed it was same liver cells but sent for biopsy there it showed mesothelial cells. Shortly after that we retired from military and moved so I am just now starting with pulmonology. First appt late Jan.
The follow ups are to see what else is going on as I have other cysts ans lessions on my liver (much much smaller than the one removed) and we just found some large lessions on right ovary that were not there during surgery or 2yrs before when I had hysterectomy. I am scheduled for more scans this month and possibly a biopsy.