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Hi to all. I have been battling spontaneous and severe diarrhea along with back pain for several years. I have really no life when I go outside, see friends, no social life because of this. Latest diagnosis is IBS-D Given Viberzi 100mg twice daily. I have severe abdominal pain and block up. I also have pretty intense spinal problems. I had a spinal fusion L2-L7. I have pain and numbness, buttocks and back leg pain. I have researched and found Cauda equine syndrome, which I know you are not suppose to do this but my doctors are not ones who go beyond what they have already done. I cannot control this diarrhea, cannot stop it and I am really at the end of a pretty long rope. Can anyone share suggestions or anything. I have been to Mayo and I will come back. I live several states away. But would like to hear any comments. Thanks you, Sharon

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I had a colonoscopy today and they told me I have IBS. I have suffered for months with episodes of violent diarrhea and vomitting. I am wondering what are some steps I can take to make this improve.

Are you sure you don’t have H -pylori?

Has you ever thought about an ileostomy?

This is not a test it is a surgical procedure. The patient has an ostomy bag after where the stool is diverted to rather than the rectum. You can google the procedure and get a more in depth description and so on. Hope this helps

Have you been tested for c-dif

I have had IBS-D for over 20 years, I have had tests after test and they still diagnose me with IBS, I am taking Atropine 0.025/ Diphenoxylate 2.5 mgs. which has helped, but only for so long. I spent last Tuesday night in the hospital with severe diarrhea. I was of course dehydrated, and my potassium was very low from loss of electrolytes. It has been an on going battle, I use adult disposable pull ups, and that at least gives me a little security when going out. I like to wear my own under wear over top, it just makes it feel better. Stress plays a major roll in IBS-D as well as the foods we eat, however, as for me the type of foods I eat really makes no difference, I can eat 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and I am headed for the bathroom. I do know that fruit and vegetables seem to trigger it most. I have found personally that if I take my usual medication for awhile then switch to something else for awhile then back to my usual, that seems to help also. But for the most part, finding what works for you is the only way to deal with this stuff. If you get the pull ups, I have found that Food lion has a brand called Healthy Accents that are very good and very reasonable in price. The truth is there is no cure for IBS, all you can do is treat the symptoms. Find what works for you, and use the pull ups for more protection. It wouldn’t hurt to avoid stress as much as possible and be aware of what your triggers are. As for your back problems, I too have back problems but the two are not related. Having back problems does not cause IBS and vise versa. I wish you all the luck in the world, you CAN learn to live with IBS.

I’ve had IBS for many years. I’ve taken different meds in the past, but the last five years I’ve stopped taking prescription meds and daily eat the following: 1 serving of probiotic yogurt mixed into 1/2 cup fiber cereal in the morning, and five 0.52 GM caps of psyllium before bedtime. I use to have frequent bouts of diarrhea, and have reduced episodes greatly. My doctor hasn’t needed to prescribe any meds for me, and though I still have periods of pain associated with IBS, at least I don’t have to deal with the diarrhea issues like I once did. I don’t know that this will be helpful for your particular case of IBS, but perhaps something to discuss with your doctor as a possible option to try.

Sure understand your anxiety and feeling “down”, as that is a long time to wait when having pain and all the other issues you are experiencing. Would the gastro doctor possibly have a ‘call list’ you could be put on to get in sooner if another patient cancels and there’d be an appointment opening. I’ve put myself on a call list quite a few times and had good luck getting in for an appointment sooner. And, GOOD FOR YOU, in requesting another doctor when you weren’t comfortable with the one first found for you!! So important to have doctors we can relate to and are understanding of our health issues.

Good morning to all. I did see my new doctor and they listened, asked questions and seemed sincere. A endoscopy and colonoscopy is scheduled for the 23rd. They are also scheduling a test wherein i swallow a radioactive “pill”. This should take about 4 hours. SO I Feel content that something is moving other than my bowels. I will keep you updated. You have all been tremendously helpful and supportive. Thanks to all.

Hi…I haven’t been diagnosed with IBS, but reading everyone’s posts, it sounds like what I have. The prescription that helps me more than anything for diarrhea is diphen/atrop generic for Lomotil 2.5 mg…I has saved me more times than I can count..

Hi @falconfly,

Welcome to Connect, and thank you so much for sharing the information.
Have your doctors explained what is causing the diarrhea? Are there any other symptoms (common to IBS) that you experience?

No. I had a colonoscopy and checked inside my stomach and said it was somewhat inflamed.but ok..I never got to see the doctor who ordered it afterwards, but the doctor I saw just gave me a list of food I should and shouldn’t eat…Actually, that doesn’t seem to make much difference..It seems to be more when I eat than what altho I do watch certain foods. The other day when I had been having bouts for a couple days, I drank their medicated bulk drink twice, ate nothing but rice, bread and applesauce, decaf tea with honey. I got up the next morning and had two sips of the cold tea and within 10 minutes I had diarrhea all over the bed, the floor and my wheelchair. I was devastated.

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