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Aortic Aneurysm – when do I make an appointment?

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should my diet be plant based mainly?

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@anniejam As far as I know, aneurysms aren't caused by or exacerbated by animal proteins. I try to stay with a mostly plant based diet but that is because of cholesterol issues. I needed to lose weight and the mostly plant based, low fat diet helped me accomplish that.

When I suggested in an earlier post that it is important to follow your MD's recommendations regarding diet, I meant be careful with alcohol intake, lose weight if your MD recommends you do so, don't smoke even occasionally and don't lift more than 25 lbs. Talk to your MD about aerobic exercise such as walking to keep your heart strong.

As much as the diagnosis of aneurysm is horrifying, it is not the end of the world. If we have one, it is better that we know we have it and can assure the MD's are following it and we are doing what we can to assure we aren't doing anything to increase the risk of it growing.

But do make that appointment with Mayo. I think you will feel much more at ease once you have a second opinion.