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Entire spine hurts - Due to Fibromyalgia?

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Pain meds are DEFINITELY NOT the first choice of treatment. I lived with 20+ years of chronic, debilitating pain that occasionally rated 10/10, but continued to work as a full-time physical therapist working 10 hour days, without more than Advil because i refused to become dependent on stronger pain meds. After so may years of pain, surgery for cervical fusion, diagnosis of fibromyalgia and mass cell activation syndrome (which affects my lungs and breathing primarily), I could not longer function or remotely live the life I was used to living. I was used to running 9 miles a day, coaching my kids soccer/basketball teams, working as a PT. Then over the course of several weeks, I could barely make it through a normal day. I was emotionally and physically in shock. I found a rheumatologist and psychologist who I continue to work with that continues to help me get through each day, each week. I continue to live an active life because that is who I am. I am NOT my disease. I am sharing MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with you all in hopes that it helps someone else like me. It is possible to have FM and be physically active.

I am still working as a physical therapist, specializing in aquatics, and I work closely with my patients. My education includes biokinesiology (how the body moves including the biomechanics of correct movement patterns), how the nervous system interacts with the musculoskeletal system, etc. I have referred patients back to their doctors when I suspect more is going on than originally thought. My job is to improve patient's functional mobility so they perform activities of daily living with less pain and usually with less to no medications. I have helped many patients with FM and others with pain management problems improve their range of motion, strength, and endurance so they can function better and live a better life. Exercise is important to maintain strength and balance to minimize falls and improve overall function. PT's educate patients on how to move their bodies with proper body mechanics and improve their postural awareness to minimize or eliminate pain.

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@leilanis good for you yes we have to keep going When I fractured my back and after the turtle shell I did P.T in pool I still do Im full of O.A in back and everywhere so still go to pool but I started chair exercises here no machines it's easy on the body but after an hour you feel it I just took my shower for my fibro flare feel better but it's my nerves going into my groin that is worse now ..good for you

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