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Entire spine hurts - Due to Fibromyalgia?

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Pain meds are bad. I was diagnosed in 1984. I refuse to take pain meds and I have severe pain throughout body, 4 rare diseases, ms, seizures, loud not active,etc & sjogrens is my primary disease and 5 auto immune etc, serious illnesses. Falls galore, rods in legs at least 75 falls & broken bones just last 18 yrs, falling since 1980's What works for me is ibuprofen. My rheum. Said I can take 14 a day, most I have taken is 5. I did water aerobics for 17+ yrs. But because of injuries, and surgeon saying break ankle 3rd time, never walk again. So I have found all my life what works for me is bed rest. Because of severe pain in back I have to rest, and propping my head up I can go online to work. Rest is key. It controls the pain, eating healthy keeps inflammation away, and I take ibuprofen for everything. Sitting kills me because of back issues. Massage is too expensive. I used to get one once a week back when I had money. But there is another option. I have been going to a DO doctor, Dr of osteopathic medicine. Dr does gentle manipulations.Barely moves my arms and legs and all of a sudden I can move without pain Osteopathics believe in musculoskeletal system, your body's interconnected system of nerves, muscles and bones. I really believe that this is the route for us, they work more closely than MD's with patients. Read up and you will see how they work with mind, body and spirit.

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