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@marilynk and everyone….there seems to be a pattern here of so many of us needing to repeat the multi month regimin of the big 3. Has anyone also used alternative medicine? Acupuncture and Chinese herbs along with a diet void of preservatives, sugar, and flour….. rich in rest, meditation and exercise? CBD oil? Even western medicine is begining to lean more towards functional medicine to our benefit. We need to treat more than our infection….which is what the big 3 target…we need to treat our entire bodies with more care and respect! The meds have their place, and although I am concerned about the adverse effects on our bodies of taking long term antibiotics I will continues us to use them until one of my blood draws, eye checks, or hearing tests show problems. I will also incorporate CBD oil, acupuncture, and herbal remedies into my healthy diet, meditation and rest routines. Yoga is also of benefit for breathing and relaxation. For all of us this is incredibly time and mind consuming…..we need to embrace beauty and do all we can to heal. I’m thankful we have each other and for me I’ve found that leaning on God and looking to him for healing has brought me peace and courage to continue this struggle. I wish you all good health!

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@hydrang3a Yes, I have tried all of the above in the eastern medicine and alternative medicine. I have tried every root, powder, tincture, accupunture, yoga, etc. These are good for 'complimentary medicine' to be used in conjunction with western medicine. For people who are immumo-compromised like many of us are with mac, this dreadful bug can only be fought with good antibiotics used long term. Some people do have such a minor case of it that they can do just alternative treatment. Some people get mac and it goes away on its own. Then again, some people get mac and other nasty bugs and it becomes fatal. Mac effects people differently, and should not have a 'one size fits all' treatment plan. It really needs to be individualized.

@hydrang3a I want to answer this question more clearly and quote my doctor at Mayo. He said "patients with bronchiectasis will always be at risk for mac and pseudomonas because the lungs are damaged. A patient with bronchiectasis should be on a monthly maintenance antibiotic for life. For example: I was treated for three yrs taking two antibiotics on alternating months. I took these for only 10 days each month. That got rid of my mac.In fact, it was gone within the first year I started that regime. Then, in the forth year, I came down with pseudomonas, so my one drug got changed to a 28 day-every other month of tobramycin. The pseudo was gone after 30 days. I stayed on the those antibiotics for three more years to the present. I am guessing you have bronchiectasis, do you not? My point is, mac usually returns when you do have bronchiectasis, so you need to be on preventative meds. The BIG 3 cannot be taken past 18 months, so they cannot be your preventative meds. I was on doxycycline and ciprofloxacin. Other's med choice would depend on their suseptibility test.