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tinadish (@tinadish)

Prognosis: What does chronic mean?

Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases | Last Active: Dec 4, 2018 | Replies (11)

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@lisalucier I meant Demetis…..

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Hi, @tinadish – I'm understanding that your doctor has you taking 81 mg aspirin and blood pressure meds as well as exercise daily, plus do PT and eat healthy for your chronic cerebral small vessel ischemic disease. Yet, you are still noting memory issues, weird body sensations, issues finding words and confusion. Is this correct?

While I am not a medical professional and cannot offer medical advice, I can connect you to some others who may have some input for you, like @hopeful33250 @jenniferhunter and @johnbishop.

Have you had the opportunity to talk to the nursing staff or send an electronic portal message to your doctor/his office about your concerns about these remaining symptoms and how they will be addressed, and any possibilities of where they may lead?

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