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Losartan recall

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@techi I,m on only a few meds When I had my by pass a med the Dr gave me before surgery gave me horrible nightmares so I called Dr told him instead he gave me nitro patch but Im not on any meds for heart I have done naturel products its surprising what our forefathers new to use for what.

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Maybe the nitro patch might help, but I'm wondering what it can do for PVC prevention. Doc told me since my HR is low it allows stray PVCs. But, to tell the truth, I get them even when my HR is not low, when it is above 60 and I still occasionally feel them. They are not benign as has been thought in the past, but actually cause the heart to have to work harder when the left ventricle is extra full with the blood it would have pumped in the last "normal" beat that became a PVC with very little being pumped out.

Other than Hawthorn, and hibiscus to help along with Vitamin B and CoQ10, what other natural products are there that can help?

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