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Losartan recall

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@elena Thanks for posting I checked my bottle of Losartan ,manufracture is Aurobindo .

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My pharmacist told me they do not buy that bad brand. They did make a mistake when they filled my prescription. Doc ordered it changed from 1X 50Mg to 2X 25Mg so I take it AM & PM. Doofus persons gave me a bottle of 25Mg and one bottle of 50Mg. Good thing the alert was posted by one of our members about her Losartin being recalled. Caused me to go look for the bad manufacturer and doing so I caught a near fatal error. I could have accidently taken 50Mg 2X daily and that would have possible caused such a drop in my BP I might not be here to post.

Pharmacy took bak the 50Mg, issued a second bottle of 25Mg and she sent the notice of their error to CVS. Then she told me my cardiologist would be notified. I sent him a heads-up email this AM so he is aware of the situation.

I've used them for meds almost the entire 25 years I've lived here and NEVER have they made any kind of error on my meds. They admitted it was their error, but, by golly, this is not good. They hand you your meds in a white bag, for discreteness I think, and unless you insist on opening the bag before leaving the counter you might get a surprise later that day.

All I got to say is Caveat Emptor!!!!

Have a good day and today, was not as the Klingons say, "a good day to die"! It is a day to rejoice in life again.

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