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@tdib, @beebz Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm so sorry that you both have been depressed for such a long time. Many of us on this post can tell you that they have too. I think that I became depressed in my teens, when I felt totally inept because of my mother's comments to me and my strict upbringing. I have heard that doctors are beginning to take the amount of people who can't take medicines due to cost more seriously now. Things are starting to change, subtly.
Other than medicine have either of you been in therapy at all? If not and your insurance can cover it then I suggest this very strongly. I have started to use a seasonal light and it works! I would look into this. Yes, I have been angry and sad since I have started to use it but not the deep deep depression that I have had. It's worth a try and they aren't that expensive. I take Zoloft and Wellbutrin and I exercise.
@tdib,- In order for me to try and help you more I'd like to ask what your disability is from because this can be a large contributor to depression.
@beebz – I had a hysterectomy about your age too. However I was instantly put on hormones to stop premature menopause. Were you given any hormones? What has your doctor said about your medications not working?
Getting out of the house and exercising and helping others are the elixir's for pulling yourself out of depression. I'm in my early 70's so I know that life can be good again!

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My doctor says I have treatment resistant depression. I was put on hormones immmediately after my hysterectomy. I tried several medications along with ect treatments. The ect treatments messed up my memory which I was upset about because I was told it would not do it. I am currently on abilify, prozac, and modafinil. I also take klonopin for anxiety as needed.