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Hi kids,
Thank you for your concern. It really means everything to us. At times like this I wish we were back in the day when your doctor came to your house and did whatever was necessary. Now you need referrals from insurance companies, doctors approvals from so many different people, records of every description, then if your lucky enough to get the right person to dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s, check all the boxes and sign and initial the boatload of forms then maybe just maybe someone will call with an appointment in a month or so and if the patient is still alive the doctor will probably say “I might have been able to help her if you had brought her in sooner.” I think tomorrow I’ll tell the whole lot exactly where they can go…….Sorry but I’m a bit frustrated.
My friend was here when she fell and said she’d stay as long as necessary. Another friend came over food flowers and gift in tow. How wonderful to have such amazing friends. I never asked anything of any of them yet offers to help keep coming except from the medical community. My mom was telling me yesterday when she had appendicitis she called the doctor and he came to the house, took her to the hospital and within an hour or so he was in surgery removing her appendix. All done before sunrise. No insurance crap, no referrals, no appointments, no interrogation and only one signature. I’ll take the good old days over technology any day. Back when people came first. The price of technology and all the grief that comes with is too high a price to pay if you know what I mean.
I just remembered I bought my mom some flowers yesterday and a few groceries but just now remembered them. Guess the foods bad now but by the time I got through with it, it would be bad anyway. It’s almost 3am here so better get the flowers in a vase so she’ll see them first thing.
Sorry, I just needed to rant a bit.
Thanks again,

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@jakedduck1 Leonard, I’m so sorry about your mother. That’s great that you have friends who are so thoughtful. These are the situations when we learn who our true friends are. When I had cirrhosis, and in the time following my transplant I had a real eye-opener.

The medical community is tough these days, a lot of is due to the influence of the insurance companies. The insurance companies are definitely a mixed blessing. Medical costs are so high these days that not many could afford good health care, but the downside is how impersonal it has all become.

@jakedduck1 – Jake – so sorry about your mom. I think its harder when our loved ones have problems and pain than when we do ourselves. So glad you have good friends to help. Hoping all goes well.

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