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Burning Pins Needles in Arms and Hands

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@arnrob, I hope I didn't miss you with my reply to another Connect member. Just in case, here is the response to your question. If it is helpful…here are some things I learned after quite a bit of experimentation with medical cannabis. If a friend can be your coach, that is wonderful. If you can identify with one of the staff at the dispensary, that can also be good. I have James at the dispensary who is close to my age. When in doubt I ask for James.

After experimenting with quite a few of the product options, I eliminated those that were unreliable in terms of dosage or over promised and under delivered in general. Edibles…..my advice is to not go there. The dosage level is unpredictable. Choose one or two products that have a slow start up — 30 minutes or more. yet have longer effectiveness, e.g. 3-4 hours. Find dosage levels in these that allow you to medicate but do not interfere with activities requiring attention, e.g. driving.

For me, the long-lasting tinctures are my choice to be taken under the tongue or in a beverage. They are available with different CBD/THC ratios. So, you do need enough THC to activate the calming effects of the CBD. I choose 2:1 (2 parts CBD – 1 part THC) for my morning dose and one full dropper. If my afternoon discomfort, aka pins and needles, is a bit worse, I will choose a 1:1 (50% CBD and 50% THC). I use less than a dropper for this strength and put it in a beverage. Sip it while doing something relaxing…meditation, a good movie, yoga.

That often takes me through till bedtime. For breakthrough discomfort or anxiety that brings on more pain, I use a vape battery called the Palm and then a cartridge of whatever ratio works for me. The relief is immediate. However, wait at least 15 minutes before using it again. And a couple of no-nos. Do not use cannabis on an empty stomach. Do not mix cannabis with any alcoholic beverage. Remember this rule…..you can always have more….you can never have less. This might be too much information. So feel free to ask questions. You may soon run out past my realm of experience because my situation may be very different from yours. Be safe, be pain-free. Chris

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Thank you thank you. Most helpful. One question. I believe you also mentioned some kind of topical ointment/crème. Can this be purchased at a cannabis store or is this something that is best obtained via a compounding pharmacy? Can you suggest the specific ingredients?

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