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@earlyrn I thought I would see if you were able to get an endocrinologist appointment. He/she really needs to check your blood profile and tell you what is in or out of range. There's no guessing in diabetes. For example, I like bananas and thought they were healthy, but for me they aren't. They raise my potassium level so I have a banana only once in a blue moon. There are other reveals from the blood profile that help the dietician determine what will work for you. One of the main things is to control the numbers, I know it's the holidays, and it may take longer to get an appointment, but as a nurse maybe you have some pull. Will you try to make an appointment soon? If you get snacking under control since you already exercise, you may not have much more to do to control your diabetes. I'd love to know what you find out when you've had you appointment. I hope you get in and come away with what you need to help you.
@retiredteacher, Carol
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@retiredteacher Carol, I know of course that bananas are high in carbs, but I had no idea that the potassium in them was a problem. Is that just a problem for you, or a problem for diabetics? I do eat bananas, generally only a half at a time because of the carbs, but no one ever said I should not. In fact I have mentioned it to my endocrinologist and he didn't comment on bananas at all except for the high carbs.

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