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i have been on the big 3 for a week now Ethambutol 2 pills a day Rifampin 2 pills a day and Azithromycin 1 pill a day my question is has anyone took these in the evening i am suffering from the common side effects nausia, diziness, headaches, during the day it makes it very hard to function in ant way my dosage is the 5 pills a day 3 times a week i have noticed on my day off no side effects thats why i am asking about taking all at bedtime ???

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Hi @bmiller57, you may notice that I moved your discussion and combined it with this existing discussion on MAC Antibiotic Medication. I did this to introduce you to other members talking about what time of day is best to take MAC medications. Click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to see the past posts as well as the first hand information @irene5 shared.

Irene and Bmiller, have you been taking these medication on an empty stomach, or do you usually take them with food?

@bmiller57 Yes, you can definitely take them at bedtime, like Irene said. That is what I did, on advice of my docs, who said "It's better to take them in a way you can tolerate than to quit because you are miserable." There were some sleep disturbances, but it was more tolerable than feeling miserable all day. It may help you to take them with a cracker or a little dry cereal. Also, try diligently to do your eye and hearing exams in a timely way (hard advice right now) because changes can come at any time while taking the meds.
Also, I found the drugs really hard on my system, so I ate live-culture yogurt and took a probiotic to help replenish the gut bacteria killed by all the antibiotics. Also, due to the nausea I hard virtually no appetite, so I forced myself to eat a small amount of nutritious food every 1-2 hours until early evening. I made a lot of smoothies with extra protein powder, snacked on cheese curds, hard-boiled eggs, Lara Bars, anything calorie-and-nutrient dense that I could find. I have been off the antibiotics now for nearly 4 months, and still have to remind myself to eat, digestive system still not back to normal.
Good luck to you – hang in there.